Relief Update

Why do we think our initiative is important?

On December 11, 2013, the United Nations (UN) released its Typhoon Haiyan Strategic Response Plan (SRP), which agreed to give $791 million to assist 3 million people. Approximately 12.1 million people have been affected by Haiyan and the current relief plan leaves 9 million people unassisted. That is where we come in. While we are a small organization, every effort counts in a time like this when resources and funding are scarce. Yes, the efforts of the UN should to be commended, but we hope to help them reach more people through our initiative because every organization has its limits. Through our collaboration with ABS-CBN, we hope to provide our money earned to those who are not affected by the UN’s current relief plan.

Facts were obtained from United States Agency for International Development (USAID):


Worth Watching

After spending some time on YouTube, here is a short video clip to learn about the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan and what still needs to be done.

Launch of the Initiative

After 2 months of planning, Kick-Start the Philippines was officially launched on December 14, 2013!

Last night, a solid group of 10 friends gathered together for dinner and a very successful brainstorming session to help make the key decisions about what the charity effort will be. Conversations were focused on the types of events we could hold, fundraising strategies, and the charities that we will focus on supporting.

Prior to the dinner, there had been talk about holding a soccer tournament in Philadelphia as well as a run/walk event in the city. The soccer tournament idea was received well, but the group voiced that we would be able to appeal to more people if we were able to organize a run. The group tentatively decided on looking into both events, possibly hosting a smaller soccer tournament within the next few months and then organizing a run for the summer. Where events are concerned, we decided to appoint coordinators to head the projects and make future decisions.  Kara and Kaken will be the head coordinators for the soccer tournament, and the run organizers are tentatively Scarlett and Debbie. There were interesting ideas regarding fundraising strategies that we are very excited to explore. In addition to grassroots efforts, we are going to reach out to small businesses in the city to gather support. Scarlett had the idea of asking yoga studios to have charity classes that would donate a percentage of proceeds to our cause. Matt and Kara will also ask their restaurants if they could do a similar charity night. Vic volunteered to be in charge of organizing the fundraising in terms of who has donated and who we can potentially target.

A letter will go out before the holidays for people to share with family and friends and hopefully collect some donations to start the New Year. There were many other great ideas for fundraising efforts and the group was very optimistic that we could be successful in collecting a substantial amount within the next few months.  For the next order of business, the group had to decide on which charity to support.

By a majority vote, ABS-CBN Foundation was chosen to direct the majority of the proceeds to. A portion of proceeds will also go to the Wine to Water Foundation – and there was discussion of organizing a wine tasting event to direct funds to that charity in particular. The group also decided that it would be beneficial to use social media and the internet to gather support and donations. Kaken is going to work on getting a website with a paypal account up and Nez will be the author of this blog to keep our supporters updated with our ongoing the efforts.  A facebook page will also be created in order to reach out to social media. Sal is working on designing a logo and Scarlett will work with that logo to create a letterhead and consistent image that we can use. Kathleen Oroho and Mike Linskey came up with Kick-Start the Philippines and the group decided to leave it as – but there was also discussion on fabricating a clever catch phrase for the charity. 

Over to course of the next few weeks we will be posting not only updates on our progress, but also information about the organization we chose to donate to, why we have started this charity, and what we hope to accomplish.

We are just a group of post-grads trying to do some good in the world and we hope you can find ways to help us on this journey!