Great Read.

If you haven’t noticed, media publicity about Typhoon Haiyan and its aftermath have slowly, but surely, fallen by the wayside. The Typhoon only happened 2 months ago and already the world is forgetting about the destruction it caused. However, every so often an awesome article comes out about the Philippines and its recovery process.

Check this one out written by Tim Hanstad who is the president and chief executive officer, and Roy Prosterman who is the founder and chairman emeritus, of Landesa, a nonprofit group that works to secure land rights for the world’s poor:

“The international community should seize this moment, as aid continues to pour in, to press for enforcement of the country’s long-ignored land tenure reform laws. These laws call for government distribution to the poor of large swaths of public land, and for purchase and distribution of certain private land (including idle or abandoned property and bankrupt plantations). The landowning elite has resisted these reforms, but implementing them will help the country and its landless poor recover and prosper.”


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