We Set A Date!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry that we have not updated our blog in a few weeks… it was winter break so some relaxation was in order. However, we have not forgotten about the Philippines or our initiative. We have finally set a date for our first event, which will be a Soccer Tournament!

Date: Sunday April 13, 2014

Structure: 2 Bracket Tournament

The top bracket would be collegiate level. The second bracket will be amateur level for friends who don’t want to be as serious/competitive but still want to play.Each team will have a $100 “donation” entry fee.

Play: 8 v.8 Games

8 v. 8 games will allow for smaller teams to join and for more games to be played at once.

Fundraising: Goal-a-thon, Team Fees, and Sponsorships

The main form of fundraising will be the entry fee’s but we will also hold a goal-a-thon in which players or sponsors can pledge to donate per goal scored (by player, team, or entire tournament) This way, family, friends, businesses, and sponsors can be involved in the donation process in addition to the players.

Donations: A place to mail donations is being determined and will be available soon. A paypal account will be set up within the next week so donations can be made online as well!

If anyone has any advice on the structure of our tournament or ways we can more effectively fundraise, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Also, any donation will help… even if it is only $2!

Thanks for reading and for caring about this cause as much as we do!


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