Big News!

Hey Everyone!

We have some super awesome news to share with you all! We have are pleased to announce that Kick-Start the Philippines will be partnering with Pass it Forward.

Pass It Forward is an an organization that does a “buy one, give one” system where every time someone buys a ball from them, they send a partner ball to a school or child in need. For our upcoming tournament in April we will be working with Pass It Forward and all the balls we use at the tournament will have partner balls going to the Philippines.

So what does that mean for you? It means that you should participate in our tournament because if we have more people we will need to purchase more balls, which will mean more partner balls will be sent to the Philippines.

We are in the works of finalizing everything for our tournament and will soon be sending out information packets and registration details. Donor letters will be sent out soon as well! If you want to participate in any way or want packets, information, or letters sent to you or someone you know, let us know here, on our FB page, or email us at :

Hope you are all getting excited for April and thanks for your continued support!
 For more information on Pass It Forward visit:

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