The Aftermath: 5 Months Later

It has only been five months since the biggest storm in Philippine history hit the Visaya Islands in the central Philippines.
  Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Sandy Typhoon Yolanda
Date August 2005 October 2012 November 2013
Landfall New Orleans, USA New Jersey, USA Visayas, Philippines
Wind Speed at Landfall 125 mph 80 mph 235 mph
Immediate Fatalities 1,833 286 6,000; 27,000 missing
Domestic Government Assistance $120.5 billion $3.2 billion $17,000
Recovery Time 9 Years; continues to rebuild in 2014 2 years; continues to rebuild in 2014 5 months; continues to rebuild in 2014
Based on the table, Typhoon Yolanda was almost 6 times more destructive in terms of lives lost, and is receiving only a fraction of government help. Undeveloped countries deal with problems that American’s can’t fathom such as corrupt governments and scamming charity fundraisers. Because of this, victims of Yolanda are relying on private philanthropic efforts to rebuild the Visayas and help those who lost everything.
5 months seems like a long time from across the world. It is longer than a semester of college, longer than the NBA regular season, and longer than Pennsylvania winter. Imagine spending those 5 months still searching for a lost relative, or starting to rebuild and getting hit by 3 more storms. If Hurricane Katrina is any indicator, recovery efforts will be necessary for years to come, and all we can do is make sure that help does not cease to be given.

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