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Read article in the New York Times today about the Philippines and its recovery process after the typhoon. Inspiring article on why organizations like Kick-Start are vital to the region at the moment in time!




Kick-Start The Philippines Soccer  Tournament

 Sunday April 13th                                                                      

 Drexel University Vidas Soccer Field

4300  Powelton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Hello on behalf of Kick-Start The Philippines, a grassroots initiative founded to raise recovery funds for the Philippine Islands! Since the disastrous Hurricane Yolanda devasted the Philippine Islands in early November 2013, killing at least 6,000 people and displacing tens of thousands more, we have come together to help a country that continues to fall victim to countless natural disasters.  Despite the absence of this story from daily news reports, those affected still need our support for continuing relief services. Years after the world has forgotten about this tragedy, people in the Philippines will continue to recover from the destruction caused by Hurricane Yolanda.

In order to raise awareness for ongoing recovery efforts, Kick-Start The Philippines and the Drexel Women’s Club Soccer Team will host a soccer tournament on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the Drexel University Vidas Field. The tournament will bring together hundreds of recreational athletes who support re-development in the Philippines. All proceeds for the tournament will go directly to The ABS-CBN Foundation, a charity based in the Philippines that organizes relief throughout the islands most affected by this natural disaster.

The flyer below has the details of the tournament, with a collegiate bracket starting at 8:00 am, and an amateur bracket starting at 2:30 pm. Please register by March 24th, 2014.


Big News!

Hey Everyone!

We have some super awesome news to share with you all! We have are pleased to announce that Kick-Start the Philippines will be partnering with Pass it Forward.

Pass It Forward is an an organization that does a “buy one, give one” system where every time someone buys a ball from them, they send a partner ball to a school or child in need. For our upcoming tournament in April we will be working with Pass It Forward and all the balls we use at the tournament will have partner balls going to the Philippines.

So what does that mean for you? It means that you should participate in our tournament because if we have more people we will need to purchase more balls, which will mean more partner balls will be sent to the Philippines.

We are in the works of finalizing everything for our tournament and will soon be sending out information packets and registration details. Donor letters will be sent out soon as well! If you want to participate in any way or want packets, information, or letters sent to you or someone you know, let us know here, on our FB page, or email us at :

Hope you are all getting excited for April and thanks for your continued support!
 For more information on Pass It Forward visit:

Great Read.

If you haven’t noticed, media publicity about Typhoon Haiyan and its aftermath have slowly, but surely, fallen by the wayside. The Typhoon only happened 2 months ago and already the world is forgetting about the destruction it caused. However, every so often an awesome article comes out about the Philippines and its recovery process.

Check this one out written by Tim Hanstad who is the president and chief executive officer, and Roy Prosterman who is the founder and chairman emeritus, of Landesa, a nonprofit group that works to secure land rights for the world’s poor:

“The international community should seize this moment, as aid continues to pour in, to press for enforcement of the country’s long-ignored land tenure reform laws. These laws call for government distribution to the poor of large swaths of public land, and for purchase and distribution of certain private land (including idle or abandoned property and bankrupt plantations). The landowning elite has resisted these reforms, but implementing them will help the country and its landless poor recover and prosper.”

We Set A Date!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry that we have not updated our blog in a few weeks… it was winter break so some relaxation was in order. However, we have not forgotten about the Philippines or our initiative. We have finally set a date for our first event, which will be a Soccer Tournament!

Date: Sunday April 13, 2014

Structure: 2 Bracket Tournament

The top bracket would be collegiate level. The second bracket will be amateur level for friends who don’t want to be as serious/competitive but still want to play.Each team will have a $100 “donation” entry fee.

Play: 8 v.8 Games

8 v. 8 games will allow for smaller teams to join and for more games to be played at once.

Fundraising: Goal-a-thon, Team Fees, and Sponsorships

The main form of fundraising will be the entry fee’s but we will also hold a goal-a-thon in which players or sponsors can pledge to donate per goal scored (by player, team, or entire tournament) This way, family, friends, businesses, and sponsors can be involved in the donation process in addition to the players.

Donations: A place to mail donations is being determined and will be available soon. A paypal account will be set up within the next week so donations can be made online as well!

If anyone has any advice on the structure of our tournament or ways we can more effectively fundraise, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Also, any donation will help… even if it is only $2!

Thanks for reading and for caring about this cause as much as we do!

Relief Update

Why do we think our initiative is important?

On December 11, 2013, the United Nations (UN) released its Typhoon Haiyan Strategic Response Plan (SRP), which agreed to give $791 million to assist 3 million people. Approximately 12.1 million people have been affected by Haiyan and the current relief plan leaves 9 million people unassisted. That is where we come in. While we are a small organization, every effort counts in a time like this when resources and funding are scarce. Yes, the efforts of the UN should to be commended, but we hope to help them reach more people through our initiative because every organization has its limits. Through our collaboration with ABS-CBN, we hope to provide our money earned to those who are not affected by the UN’s current relief plan.

Facts were obtained from United States Agency for International Development (USAID):

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